Case Studies:
Telecommunications, Information Technology & the Internet

Leading Non-Profit R&D Network Client

Representation of a national, non-profit internet backbone provider serving the research and education community with the mission of securing federal funding for broadband deployment by way of a broadband grant at the Department of Commerce. Working with an ad hoc coalition of schools, hospitals and libraries, we successfully lobbied policymakers at the National Telecommunications & Information Agency (NTIA), the White House Office of Science & Technology, and the Federal Communications Commission to support grant funding rules that emphasized service to the R&E community. As a result of our efforts, NTIA awarded more than $62.5 million in federal stimulus funding through its Broadband Technology Opportunities Program to a group of national research and education networking organizations including our client.

Small IT Software Development Company

Representation of a small IT software development company seeking to brand a new offering aimed at a new target audience. Tasking included market and opportunity analysis, establishing the value proposition and creating deliverables that included key messages, web communications, and procurement support. These efforts resulted in a pilot win and a foothold in a key agency.

Telephone Coalition Client

Engaged by a coalition of telecommunications companies to promote the benefits of a program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income subscribers. Secured news coverage and editorial coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post as well as inside-the-Beltway publications Politico and Roll Call. This effort also included outreach to state and local media, including editorial board visits and op-ed placements, in targeted Congressional states and districts. The combined public relations and lobbying campaigned has helped to secure an FCC program under continued scrutiny by Congress.

Wireless Telephone Provider

Representation of small angel-backed PCS telephone company which bid successfully at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) C-Block auction for nine wireless telephone licenses covering large coverage territories in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The company’s subsequent difficulty in securing private investment capital led to a forced surrender of the nine FCC licenses when the company was unable to meet the FCC’s build-out schedule. Working closely with the FCC Chairman and staff as well as Members of Congress on key committees of FCC oversight, we initiated oversight hearings in the House Energy & Commerce Committee which ultimately led the FCC to return our client’s C Block licenses. The company subsequently resold the licenses to three larger regional wireless telephone companies, providing a return on investment of over 300% to the company’s private investors.