Case Studies: Government Funding

Coalition of Public Officials

The coalition was composed of mayors and county commissioners that needed to address growing vehicle congestion on a US highway linking a major city to the growing suburban areas. The coalition was seeking federal funding assistance at a time when congressional earmarks were being phased out. We identified a competitive federal grant program under USDOT and were awarded funding to pursue federal credit assistance. We obtained congressional support from the delegation and worked with the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Innovative Program Delivery to advance the project. Through the credit assistance program the client, its federal and state partners, and a private sector investor put together a funding and finance solution that advanced project development and construction.

Leading Non-Profit R&D Network

Representation of a national, non-profit internet backbone provider serving the research and education community with the mission of securing federal funding for broadband deployment by way of a broadband grant at the Department of Commerce. Working with an ad hoc coalition of schools, hospitals and libraries, we successfully lobbied policymakers at the National Telecommunications & Information Agency (NTIA), the White House Office of Science & Technology, and the Federal Communications Commission to support grant funding rules that emphasized service to the R&E community. As a result of our efforts, NTIA awarded more than $62.5 million in federal stimulus funding through its Broadband Technology Opportunities Program to a group of national research and education networking organizations including our client.

Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium

Long-term representation of a consortium of industry and university partners that helped to shape the vision for a photovoltaics (PV) manufacturing program to reducing the cost of producing solar cells, PV components, and balance of systems hardware to drive solar PV to grid parity, unleashing this source of clean energy and establishing globally competitive PV manufacturing in the United States. Through our efforts, the client’s proposed PV manufacturing initiative became of high interest to the U.S. Department of Energy, ultimately winning a $60+ million dollar grant to implement the program.

Advanced Technology Innovator

Strategic consulting and other advisory and management services on behalf of a software services company seeking to diversify and emerge as an advanced technology innovator in the security products marketplace.  Efforts included identifying available technologies for prospective licensing; negotiating on behalf of the company with a U.S. national laboratory for an exclusive license agreement for the desired technology; facilitating U.S. federal funds for commercialization of the prototype technology into a market-ready product; identifying and securing federal funds for research and development initiatives to customize the product for different U.S. military and law enforcement customers; providing program management services for those R&D efforts; and negotiating distribution agreements with domestic and international distributors.