Practice Area:  Defense

Whatever the United States federal budgetary climate, the nature of defense funding as critical to our national security is straightforward.  But the byzantine character of the Department of Defense acquisition system is anything but.  Adept, agile, and successful actors in the defense arena, our team provides exceptional business, competitive intelligence, government outreach, and political consulting services that expedite our clients’ ambitions in this complex marketplace. We also understand that while “defense spending” implies the procurement of weapons systems, the Department of Defense acquires goods and services relating to energy and the environment, medical research and devices, and many other categories far afield from the more basic beans, bullets, bandages and batteries. Defense funding routinely enables or complements non-defense commercial enterprise.

With expert knowledge of the defense acquisition and legislative authorization and appropriations processes, we work with our clients to define achievable objectives and develop and execute viable strategies to reach their goals. We know how to shape messaging that resonates with target audiences and, equally important, we know when to engage and when not to engage with decision makers such that we increase the odds for client success.  Ultimately, we bring to bear our skills and experience to work with Department of Defense and other agency officials, Members of Congress, and congressional staff to bring to fruition our action plans.

Our affiliate consultants have generated billions of dollars in substantial new and repeat defense sector business for companies of all sizes and defense-related experience, whether top defense contractors or small emerging innovators with no defense experience.

Our practice also includes a military veteran integration service which enables businesses to tap into a new pipeline of talent via the Pentagon’s SkillBridge program. We know the leaders in the Pentagon and at the military bases who’ve developed the SkillBridge program, and work with each company’s’ talent acquisition team to shape a training program that fits with its hiring needs.