Practice Area: Energy & Environment

Power Markets/Fuels

The energy sector in the United States is entering a transformational period, spurred by several different developments.  One, new drilling technologies, most notably fracturing has opened up wide reserves of natural gas and domestic crude that was unreachable a short time ago.  Access to these new reserves has led to a dramatic drop in price which has caused natural gas to be the predominant fuel for new electricity generation development, while simultaneously setting wholesale electricity prices at historically low levels.  At the same time new environmental regulations have put increased pressure on coal-fired generation to either install extensive new emission controls or retire; further retirement of these units which have not yet upgraded their facilities is therefore anticipated.  Nuclear power generation is also facing increased economic pressure due to the overall low electricity prices, and further retirement of that reliable resource is expected.  The continued maturation of the renewable sector, and new technologies to support it such as grid battery storage, present challenges to the way electricity has traditionally been dispatched.  Furthermore, the continued development of the residential renewables market and residential storage technologies offer off grid and micro-grid possibilities which will raise interesting and complex questions for the future.

The transportation and fuels sectors, while not transformational, certainly are evolutionary.  New drilling techniques have led to exponential growth in domestic crude production, such as in the Balkan reserves. Continued technological improvements in vehicle battery systems as well as hydrogen fuel cell technologies offer exciting possibilities in the transportation arena. Although currently stymied by low fuel costs, the biofuels industry continues to offer promise for environmentally friendly sustainable fuels.

Our team has years of experience working with many facets of the energy space.  In power generation we have worked with investor owned utilities, merchant power companies, renewable resources, and transmission companies.   In the transportation space, we have worked with traditional fuel interests, biofuels companies, and vehicle technologies.

Renewable Energy

The United States needs renewable energy in order to deliver energy that is secure, reliable, improves public health, protects the environment, addresses climate change, creates jobs, and provides technological leadership. If renewable energy is to be developed to its full potential, we will need coordinated, sustained federal and state policies that expand renewable energy markets; promote and deploy new technology; and provide appropriate opportunities to encourage renewable energy use in all critical energy market sectors: wholesale and distributed electricity generation, thermal energy applications, and transportation.

Our consultants have experience working with clients on a wide range of clean tech and renewable energy projects from ocean energy and PV manufacturing to solar power and advanced vehicle technologies. We work across multiple agencies to help tap resources to prove your technology, create or expand a Federal sales channel or develop next generation products.

Our team can identify market opportunities and trends; provide economic and policy insights; assess potential impacts on your organization; and devise strategies for your success. We will help you find and secure federal funding and introduce you to key leaders to help you advance your agenda. We help our clients educate Federal policymakers on the specific concerns of small businesses as they seek to commercialize their innovations. We can also work with small technology-based businesses, including start-ups, to identify appropriate Federal laboratory resources, research collaborators, state and Federal funding sources.