Practice Area: Technology & Telecommunications

Advanced Manufacturing

With rising competition and the emergence of low-cost producers around the world, the United States must increasingly rely on innovation to compete, and for economic development, growth, and job creation. Today, every level of government is instituting policies and programs, and making investments to spur innovation and build innovation capacity for advanced manufacturing.

The Federal government supports these efforts through legislation, technical assistance for modernizing manufacturing and incentives to commercialize Federal research results. Federal expenditures include research, technology development and high-tech infrastructure, as well as financing of early stage businesses, advanced manufacturing facilities and support to establish and grow regional innovation hubs.

Our team helps companies with their manufacturing related R&D plans and assists them in designing and funding Manufacturing Institutes and other centers of excellence. Our seasoned experts understand business, technology, global issues and the competitive environment. We identify market opportunities, technology trends and potential partners; provide economic and policy insights; assess potential impacts on your enterprise; and devise strategies for your success.

Our affiliated consultants have decades of experience working with emerging firms and global technology companies to leverage Federal programs and policies to develop, commercialize and sell a wide range of technologies, including renewable energy, automotive, defense, IT and telecommunications. We offer our clients opportunities to engage with a wide range of policy and decision makers on Capitol Hill from the Administration, Congress and Federal agencies.

Telecommunications, Information Technology & the Internet

With the transformational changes occurring in the way we deliver voice, data, and video content today, there has never been a more critical and historic set of policy choices before Washington in the areas of communications, information technology (IT) and the Internet. The growth of online services and applications, coupled with the remarkable innovation and gains in the means by which these services and content are delivered, has changed the way we live and communicate at home and in business. Lawmakers are rushing to catch up with these rapid changes in technology by promising to rewrite the laws that have governed the telecom industry since 1996 and adjust them to the emerging realties of technological change.

Over the years, our affiliated consultants have represented a wide range of telecom, IT and Internet interests, including: providers of wireline, wireless and VoiP telephony, satellite communications, wireless backhaul, as well as private and public Internet backbone providers, rural health care networks, e-commerce businesses, telecom equipment manufacturers, software makers, data security solution companies, IT customer care managers, and Internet service and application companies.

Our team offers clients ways to engage directly with Congress, the White House, the Federal Communications Commission, Department of Commerce, Department of Agriculture, Federal Trade Commission on any issue impacting the communications, IT or Internet industries at a historically significant time when so much is at stake before lawmakers and policymakers within the Administration.

We also furnish clients with the strategic advice and requisite advocacy to navigate the myriad of grant, loan, and loan guarantee programs available throughout the federal government in order to promote their proposed project and improve the prospects for a successful outcome. We provide these same services in the context of annual appropriations for programs and pilot projects.