Policy and Advocacy

Our focus is on identifying and responding to legislative and regulatory initiatives in a way that meets our clients’ business objectives.  In addition to its legislative role, Congress provides oversight and direction to the federal agencies that regulate most every industry in the United States. Having a knowledgeable and compelling voice on Capitol Hill and within the Administration may protect or enhance one’s business interests in the course of the legislative and regulatory process. Our team focuses on identifying and influencing legislative and regulatory initiatives in a way that meets specific business objectives.  We help our clients provide informed input into the legislative process through our relationships with Members of Congress and their key staffs.  We also monitor and report on policy as it develops so as to inform business decisions.

Government Funding

Our firm has extensive experience navigating the funding sources that exist within the Federal government. We are skilled at identifying opportunities among government programs, and positioning our clients to successfully secure these funding sources by way of competitive and non-competitive grants; loan guarantees; and other funding opportunities offered by the Federal agencies and the U.S. Congress.  These funding programs throughout the federal government support a range of areas – everything from IT solutions, to medical devices and equipment, to educational software. We also work to forge strategic partnerships with government laboratories to widen the field of possibilities for our clients.

Federal Sales & Marketing

Wheelhouse Partners has the know-how to successfully position a range of clients to sell their products and services to the Federal Government.  These products and services must be presented to decision makers in the context of current events and needs. This involves the development of a government marketing strategy, the preparation of targeted materials, and participation at strategic meetings and events.  As a first step, we ensure that all stakeholders are identified and considered when developing our federal marketing strategies.

Public Relations

Wheelhouse Partners bridges the gap between providing seasoned public affairs and media relations counsel to clients and the execution of high-impact, agenda-setting national media coverage that can forever change the dynamics of a policy debate or litigation matter. We work hand-in-hand with corporate executives and their internal communications teams to create and maintain a set of core messages that will resonate in the public and policy realm while ensuring that legislative and legal strategies are executed with the ubiquitous “news cycles” in mind.